There are so many sad and horrifying things going on in the world – many people are at war, many are homeless, many are starving, many are afraid, and most don’t even know whether their lives will ever get better or not. And I don’t think there’s anyone who feels completely indifferent regarding the situation in the world of today. Many of those not affected by the dread of these horrifying circumstances might be going through their own personal adversities. And more often than not, humanity fails to remember that we can make a difference even with the smallest tokens of care, affection and love.

I talked to someone the other day who said that more than anything else he believes in helping. In helping for the sake of helping. In the spread of positive vibes and energy among people. And even if that act doesn’t make a huge difference on a global scale, it might make a huge difference in the world of a person you’ve helped. Inspired by that – many might feel encouraged to do so as well. If I help you and then someday you help someone else, and then someday that person helps someone else – we’re spreading a positive chain reaction that might just make the world a tad bit better. And as insignificant and naive as it may sound – it’s the small stuff that make a big difference.

We seem to be afraid of putting ourselves out there. We seem to be suspicious about anyone or anything that might distract us from the routine we’re so blindly stuck in. But in fact, the spread of help is way more simple and harmless than one might think. We don’t have to dedicate our lives to helping others, we don’t have to cross oceans in order to do so, we don’t have to do extraordinary things in order to change something. The only thing we need to help someone and to spread positive energy is our will. Our will to do something nice for someone else.

Hugging someone who’s feeling sad, listening to someone else’s problems, smiling at a person you might not even know, saying a nice word even when it’s not expected from you to do so – all of these “insignificant” things make a difference. Cause guess what might happen next? The person you hugged might hug someone else who’s sad. The person you’ve heard out might hear out many others. You might have changed the day of that random person you smiled at, and even encouraged them to smile at others as well. With a few nice words you might have given someone the confidence to do something they were really afraid of. And even if none of that ever happens, have you lost something by doing so?

Try hugging someone today, try making someone smile, try hearing someone out, try doing something nice for someone, try helping someone, try spreading good vibes and positive energy. It might seem small, but in fact, it’s quite grand.





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