Being a Ramones fan – I have to say that I’m most fond of their: “Hey ho, let’s go!” song. Not only because it’s a great song, but a great life motto as well. I like to think of myself as a Hey ho let’s go person, and therefore I want to surround myself with other Hey ho let’s go people.

A Hey ho let’s go person is spontaneous; it’s a person that regrets the things he/she hasn’t done, rather than the ones he/she has. A Hey ho let’s go person lives in the moment because he/she knows that everything changes all the time and that one should grab every opportunity that comes along their way. A Hey ho let’s go person does all kinds of stuff to create perfect memories, rather than waiting for the perfect conditions – resulting in not creating any. A Hey ho let’s go person does things rather that talking about doing things.

The biggest problem for a Hey ho let’s go person is the fact that not many people are like that. The fact that a lot of people talk a lot rather than doing a lot. The fact that a lot of people unnecessarily complicate things. The fact that for a lot of people it’s easier to find reasons why not to do something, rather than finding reasons to do something. I don’t know how many times I’ve had great big plans with others (a trip, an event…whatever) and after discussing it for days or months our deal simply hasn’t followed through.

On the other hand when one Hey ho let’s go person meets another of a kind – nothing can stop them. A new adventure awaits just around the corner. A new adventure is just a phone call or a text away. With another Hey ho let’s go person a new adventure is so simple, it’s so easy, it’s so palpable! I absolutely adore the fact that I have those kind of people in my life. Ones I can call and plan stuff with in just a few seconds – even if we’re continents apart. I adore the fact that we know how to start an adventure and that we know how to change its direction if necessary. I adore the fact that there’s no push-pull, unnecessary complications, unnecessary demands or bailing out.

When not in its natural habitat a Hey ho let’s go person has no other option than to create his/her own adventures, even if it’s by doing stuff alone. But when surrounded with people of its kind a Hey ho let’s go person blossoms – finally there’s someone who realizes that there’s such a great, big, vast world out there that simply has to be explored. And so the Hey ho let’s go people explore, dream and discover together – happily ever after.

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