If you’re even a bit like me, the first thing you check when you’re traveling to a new city is the electronic scene there. If you’re a bit more like me then you appreciate some useful advice on where to go dancing and which clubs are worth paying a visit. Therefore, I’ve written down a list of places I’ve danced at and loved a lot, and some other places I’ve heard were particularly good. Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes when traveling 😉 .



I don’t think anyone ever paid a visit to New York and felt bored there. A huge variety of choices can get you confused for sure, but you’re definitely not gonna be bored. New York is undoubtedly one of the top dancing cities! Over 50 Resident Advisor events in just one weekend in clubs like: Output, Pacha NYC, Cielo, Le Bain or Brooklyn Mirage. And if Seth Troxler could barely handle all the partying in New York, then we can be sure there’s enough partying going on to satisfy each and every one of us.


 Pacha, New York. Photo:



The UK surely has lousy weather, maybe even an alcoholism issue, but when it comes to music – they’re bloody brilliant! Regardless of the genre – most of the music I have been listening since I was a kid, was in fact from the UK. The electronic scene in London is huge – Fabric, Studio 338, Lightbox, Egg London and XOYO are just a few of the numerous dancing places in London. Even though not preferred by many – I found East London extremely cool.


Fabric, London. Photo:



Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can live up to the standards Berlin sets. The whole city has this amazing underground and a bit raw vibe going on. This techno utopia is a home to world’s most famous clubs and festivals and I can assure you that once you enter that world you will either stay there forever or come back as a changed person! And if you did not experience a techno catharsis in Berghain/Panorama Bar, Suicide Circus, Weekend, Watergate, Tresor or Kater Blau  – make sure to visit Sisyphos –  a place where it feels more like a festival than a club, yet it has this warm and intimate atmosphere you can rarely experience elsewhere.


 Kater Holzig, Berlin. Photo:



As opposed to Berlin’s underground vibe, here you’ll find a bit more chic and sexy vibe. And even though I’m a huge fan of the underground/raw flow – being chic is something I don’t mind either. More places with electro music, a bit more melody in comparison to Berlin’s raw techno, and a bit fancier clubs. We are in Paris after all, and who says that dancing means old shoes and sweatpants? So put on your fancy dancing shoes and check out: Rex, Social Club, Showcase, La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Zig Zag and fall in love with the city’s electronic scene just as much as you fell in love with the city itself.


Zig Zag, Paris. Photo: www.residentadvisor,net



Not too raw, not too chic, not too dark, not too perky… just about perfect. Barcelona will win you over with so many different things (the most beautiful architecture – Gaudi is my God; amazing food and drinks; great weather throughout the year, nice and friendly people) – that its electronic scene is just a cherry on the top of a sundae. And just like the city, Barcelona’s clubs will flirt with you in every single possible way. Make sure to flirt back in: Razzmatazz, Elrow or Ghoa Beach Club. If you’re lucky enough to be there for Sonar Festival try to sneak into a rooftop party at Hotel Silken Diagonal as well. Also, make sure to spend at least one Sunday at Montjuic’s Piknic Electronik and listen to some beats under the sun in the nature.


Piknic Electronik, Barcelona. Photo:



Nope, I still haven’t been there and yes, it’s on my list. However, considering the amount of DJ’s coming from around the area, the things that are legal in that area, the number of festivals in the neighborhood and the stories I’ve heard I’ll give Amsterdam the benefit of the doubt! Woodstock’69, Studio 80 and Sugarfactory seem like pretty decent clubs.


Studio 80, Amsterdam. Photo:



Oh, I love this place so much! A city with such small population, yet the most amazing one. The whole city is like an underground/arty/stylish/sexy/electro club on the beach! A place where you can hear electronic music in bars, clubs, restaurants, department stores, grocery shops… everywhere! Which also explains why a lot of big names in the electronic scene nowadays come from Israel. The Block is an amazing club – there’s something going on every single weekend (FYI – the weekend in Israel is Friday and Saturday so the best parties are Thursday and Friday night – but don’t worry, you can find a party in Tel Aviv every day). Bootleg, Breakfast club, The Cat & Dog club and Deli are places you should definitely check out as well.


 The Block, Tel Aviv. Photo:



The legendary nightlife is centered around two areas on the island: Ibiza Town – the island’s capital on the southern shore and Sant Antoni on the western shore. And who hasn’t heard of Amnesia, Space, Pacha, DC10?? These clubs host world’s greatest producers and DJs! The season traditionally begins at the start of June with Space and DC10’s opening parties and finishes on the first weekend of October with the closing parties. I checked Resident Advisor events for a simple Wednesday night and saw names such as Maceo Plex, Jamie Jones, Agoria, Shall Ocin, Eats Everything… So I checked Resident Advisor events for a simple Thursday night (cause maybe that Wednesday was a special day and there was a particularly good variety of choices), and it was even better: Ritchie Hawtin, Ame, Rodhad, David August… Seems like each day at Ibiza is better than the previous one.


 Space, Ibiza. Photo:



I’ll have to give Tokyo the benefit of the doubt as well as I didn’t get a chance to witness the electronic scene there. However, it is the biggest and the most developed electronic scene in Asia and from what I’ve heard there are some pretty good parties going on in Tokyo at all times. WOMB, Oath Aoyama, Saloon and Liquid Loft seem like clubs worth checking out.


 WOMB club, Tokyo. Photo:



Yeah, it’s a very small country. Yeah, most people don’t even know where it is. Yeah, the scene is not huge throughout the year. However, during the summer the Croatian coast becomes one huge stage and you can find a great party every day. Hideout, The Garden, Electric Elephant, Sonus, Dimensions festival… – all of them are taking place in Croatia. If you’re still not convinced – have a look at some of the most amazing places in Croatia: 20 MUST SEES IN CROATIA . Once you’ve picked a place of your preference, just check which festival is the nearest one: 10 LOVELY UNDERGROUND ELECTRONIC FESTIVALS IN CROATIA (SUMMER 2015) and go dancing! Seth Troxler, Dixon, Bonobo, Joris Voorn, Guy Gerber, Ritchie Hawtin, Tale of Us and Maceo Plex are waiting for you.


Zrće beach, Pag island, Croatia. Photo:

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