6th of May, my birthday. Went to a job interview. Got my hopes up. Imagined how it would be if I worked there. Was totally cool and likeable. Didn’t get the job. There wasn’t a job at all. They just called me up for a meeting to tell me there aren’t any jobs. Makes sense, no?

Walking in the street. Listening to music to make myself feel better. Dropping my iPhone. Picking it up. Figuring the screen is completely smashed. Have to repair it immediately. Have to pay a shit load of money for a new screen. Don’t have a phone on my birthday. No one can call me on my birthday. Feeling jinxed.

Geez. Typical Nika day. How the hell do I get myself in these situations? Who goes to a festival, jumps like a maniac for 3 days, gets back home in one piece, dances a bit in his own room and sprains an ankle?? Who stands under the boiling sun in the middle of the desert on the Jordanian – Isreali border for hours, just because the lady at the border decides he/she should step away?? Who breaks a toe playing football on his own birthday party?? Who misses a plane from Paris and travels 30 hours to get back to Croatia?? Who gets robbed in the middle of the day in front of a freaking police station?? Who has a pigeon purring in his own bathroom, cause his flatmate decides we should live with one, as it’s too cold outside for pigeons?? Geez. Typical Nika day.

Receiving FB messages from all over the world. Receiving messages that make me wanna cry out of happiness. Realizing how many wonderful people I know. Realizing how many great friends I have all over the world. Going to the theatre with my friends. Laughing like crazy. Feeling special. Celebrating my birthday. Having a “TECHNO” cake. Getting an awesome present from my friends. Dancing to techno. Hugging my friends. Going to a party. Dancing to techno. Going to another party. Dancing to techno. Hugging my friends while dancing to techno. Feeling happiness. Feeling joy. Feeling love. Hearing my favorite track. Sending texts of love to my dear friend who first sent me that track. Feeling the music. Feeling beauty. Feeling sense. Dancing to techno with Tiefschwarz. High fiving Tiefschwarz. Taking photos with Tiefschwarz. Hugging my friends. Feeling blessed. Feeling lucky.

Wow. Typical Nika day. How the hell did I deserve such great things? Who has such awesome friends that he considers family all over the world?? Who gets an EU scholarship, lives and travels all over Europe?? Who excavates in the Holy Land?? Who meets Rone and Alle Farben and Tiefschwarz?? Who backpacks for months through SE Asia?? Who writes columns about it?? Who plays with children he cannot understand in rice fields?? Who free climbs gorges in Thailand?? Who surfs in the Indian ocean (or gets hit by the surf board more than he actually surfs – but you get what I mean)?? Who meets the loveliest monk on a top of a mountain and shares life stories with him?? Who has more than one soul mate?? Who dances every single day?? Who is touched by the most simple things in the world?? Who loves so much?? Who feels loved so much?? Wow. Typical Nika day.

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