I remember talking to my housemate once when I was really sad an upset about something. He sat me down and said that although he loves the way I see the world through children’s eyes, I have to either change the way I do things in life or learn to accept the fact that a lot of people will hurt and disappoint me, because unfortunately a lot of them do not see the world the way I do.

Since we had that chat the same thing that made me sad and upset happened a lot of times all over again and I have been sad and upset a lot of times all over again. I haven’t learned to change the way I do things in life and to be really honest I haven’t completely accepted being hurt or disappointed either. However, I have done some pretty amazing things since and it might just be that it was because of seeing the world through children’s eyes.

It might be that writing blogs about personal impressions while I should be sitting in an office is not the most grown up thing to do. It might be that wasting 2-3 hours a day to dance in my room is not either. It might be that thinking of where to travel next while not even having a real grown up pay check is not the most reasonable thing. It might be that being completely honest is not always the smartest thing to do. It might be that grown ups should know better than telling other people how they truly feel about them. It might be that wanting to see/touch/try/feel/explore everything is not what grown ups should be focusing on.

But then again it also might be that the little kids in us are the ones that make us do things we’re most afraid of. It also might be that they make us laugh from the bottom of our hearts. It might be that that they make us appreciate the small and simple stuff. It might be that they make us less judgemental and more accepting. It might be that they make us see endless possibilities, rather than endless restrictions. It might be that they make us love more sincerely, more deeply. It might just be that the little kids in us make us see, experience and live magic.

It was the little child in me that made me do and feel some of the most wonderful things in my life. And some of the most wonderful people I’ve met were guided by the little kids inside themselves as well. So maybe we don’t want to change the way we see the world. Maybe we can’t. Maybe we’re not even supposed to. Maybe we just have to find the people that look at the world the same way we do. And that’s hard to find, it may even seem impossible, but then when we do, it feels like we’re on the top of the world (or in a sandbox, kids love sandboxes).

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