Get high

I have come across a lot of people in my life. Some have stayed for a long time, some have stayed for a short time, some have just passed by. But everyone has left something behind, they left a mark. All of them were very different people. With completely different backgrounds and points of views. Some of them liked getting high. Some have never been high. Some will get high sooner or later in their life, I’m sure.

In Vietnam I met this awesome woman who decided to leave her job back home, sell her house and she’s been traveling for years since. While all of her friends lead a completely different life she was bold enough to do something extraordinary, something that makes her happy! Exploring the world, traveling, seeing new things gets her high!

Then there’s this very cool friend of mine, she lives in Tel Aviv and she’s like this encyclopedia of techno! She’s listened to so many albums, sets and tracks, read so many books, seen so many documentaries, danced in so many clubs all over the world, seen and met so many DJs. I know that she’ll be listening to techno, dancing and attending festivals as long as she lives. Music is her high!

When I’ve studied in Ferrara, I became friends with this wonderful awesome girl. She happens to be an amazingly talented photographer. So amazingly talented that Vogue publishes her photos. So amazingly talented that just by looking at a photo she took you can see the whole story behind it and feel every emotion felt when the photo was captured. Photography gets her high!

Then there’s this dude I met a couple of days ago in Malaysia. Besides working for a company in Kuala Lumpur he and some other people have an orphanage in Sierra Leone, Africa. They help about 80 orphans to have a bit more normal life than they would have otherwise. They support  them, put them through school and give them the opportunity to build a somewhat better life for themselves. They take care of them as if they were their children and I find that amazingly soul touching and beautiful! Going to bed every night knowing that you have made someone’s life a bit better is probably the best feeling one can feel. Helping others is their high!

I also met this guy that’s a hip hop dancer. Not like: he likes hip hop dancing. But like: he’s loving it so much, it’s mad! We went to this club the other night. We started dancing and when he got in the zone you could see that he is in another place while dancing. He enters this parallel universe, where he feels fucking amazing. It’s not even about the way he dances (which btw really is awesome), it’s more about the expression on his face and the look in his eyes while he’s doing it. The look in his eyes says: “This is it! There’s nothing better in the world than this!” He gets high on dancing!

Then there’s my ex flatmate. She’s a designer. I have honestly never seen someone so passionate about design. Whether it’s at her work where she simply has to be the best and won’t settle for anything less. Whether it’s how she expresses herself through clothes – whatever she puts on looks fantastic. Whether it’s her room: where you can see birdcages turned into book shelves, a work table colored with gold stripes, a broken mannequin in a corner of her room that she uses to put jewelry on. She’s simply fabulous! And designing gets her high!

The guy I met in Laos and later traveled to Thailand with gets high on sports. He absolutely has to do some sports every single day (even on vacation – which I for instance would not be bothered to do at all). Climb, run, jump, surf, dive, hike, snowboard – whatever! This guy is happy as long as he gets high on sports!

There was someone in my life that was absolutely crazy about books. He’d read constantly, he’d collect books, he had even created his own little library. The pages would transport him to new and exciting places, he would feel the emotions the characters would feel and he would live the situations that were happening in the books! Reading was his high!

One of the people I appreciate most in my life is a wonderful producer. He produces wonderful music and his friend raps to it. Together they create magic. When he produces music the outside world does not exist and he is completely focused on the tune he’s creating. What comes out as a result is something astonishing. You can see how his mind is beautiful just by listening to the music he produces. Producing music is his high!

What’s mine? A lot of things get me high! Like when I discover a new amazing track, I feel high. Or  when I travel to a new and unexplored country. Or when I’m dancing in a small club early in the morning and I feel that the DJ’s state of mind is the same as mine. Or when I laugh like a maniac with someone over something that only we find funny. Or when I see or meet other people so passionate about something that it gets them high!

Since we were kids we’ve been told that getting high is something bad, and should not be done. Completely wrong! Feeling high is the best feeling in the world. It creates a better world, with more love, passion and understanding! It enriches our lives! It shifts our borders,it shifts the world’s borders! So if you still haven’t, I suggest you go get high!


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