Every single one of us has the opportunity to explore, dream and discover; whether it’s exploring ourselves, other people or the world that surround us. The important message that Explore Dream Discover sends is that a change of a location does not necessarily mean a change of the state of mind – there are people that travel the world yet they haven’t learnt how to truly explore, dream or discover. On the other hand there are those who haven’t moved much, yet they know how to do so. They know how to look inside themselves and how to focus on the good inside themselves and around them.

Nowadays we are struggling with information overload, with all kinds of horrifying stories from the media, with a lot of low value content. The Explore Dream Discover author’s idea was to create a blog/an online magazine that would take people’s minds off of the insignificant, time consuming information and give the readers something to feed their minds and souls.

Covering the categories of Travel, Lifestyle, Music, The World and People, Explore Dream Discover grew into a versatile storyteller followed by many different people from all over the world.

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