The other day I was having drinks with my friends. Surprisingly the topic of dating found its way in the conversation (which is highly unlikely, we usually never talk about that stuff 😉 ).  Regardless of the fact that ALL of us are fabulous people (no sarcasm here, we truly are fabulous – I’d date ALL of us), ALL of us are somehow single.

Nowadays everything is so accessible, information is so accessible, contacts are so accessible… but are people accessible as well? We text, we tweet, we post, we like, we comment, we stalk to find out things about the person we like before even going on a date (and everyone who says he/she does not – is a massive liar), yet everyone is miraculously single. Why is it that it’s easier to flirt online and imagine how the other person could be, than actually finding out? Have we stopped dating people and started dating phones and computers instead?

The nature of how things work these days is also quite interesting: recently my friend starting exchanging texts with this guy – it was nice, it was cute, they flirted a bit, she thought of meeting him, they cracked jokes, he sent her a photo of his penis… Cause… you know, I guess that’s how it works these days: we text, you send me a photo of your dick, then we decide to have coffee?? Another friend of mine is seeing a girl that asked him to put tiles in her bathroom after they’ve only gone out once or something. And it’s kind of not working out, but she probably really needs these tiles, so she won’t say anything. As he’s super nice, he’s probably putting tiles in her bathroom and not getting laid as we speak – but hey, I guess that’s how it works these days: we text, you put tiles in my bathroom and then I dump you?? Then there’s another extreme (if you’re involved with someone a tad bit culturally challenged): last year I had a “fling” with this guy I met, we never even went on an actual date or anything, we just talked through texts for some time… so he called me up one day saying how we have to stop this…how this isn’t sustainable…how his parents don’t approve – well, I guess that’s how it works these days: we text, your parents disapprove, you dump me before even going out on a date??

To make modern day dating even more interesting you have to be familiar with the game of intentionally taking hours or days to text back, the game of pretending you didn’t see a text, the fact that phone calls don’t exist anymore, the understanding that someone likes you through Fb likes rather than hearing it from them, the figuring out which smiley means what in texting – so you don’t give the wrong impression… In ancient history (15 -20 years ago) men had to call home phones, and ask whoever picked up whether the girl they liked was there. Maybe they even had to pick her up in front of her house to take her out on a date. Pffff such Neanderthals…

So what’s the deal these days? Easy come, easy go? – Is it too easy to find someone these days, and we don’t appreciate it as much? Do we fall for the impression of someone and then realize it’s not exactly who he/she is? Maybe we don’t even care about people that much anymore; after all we can “order” someone else online in the next 5 minutes. Maybe we want to keep our options open, not realizing that having 5 superficial relations does not equal a decent one. So we keep doing the same thing over and over again; we keep having these drinks with friends where we talk about men/women, whether we’re in our 20ies, 30ies or even 40ies; trying to figure out this incomprehensible mystery of dating. And will we ever? Since it’s highly unlikely my friends or I ever will, I think we should all just date each other, at least that way we can ALL be fabulous together!

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